Another week in paradise, right? And by paradise, I mean weird snows in April, desperate people cutting their own hair (or, in my case, cutting my daughter’s), and finding SOMETHING to cook for the 13,000th meal in quarantine. So, that brings us to our weekly update of *actual* good things – stories that make us smile, or laugh, or giggle, or maybe even tear up a little bit. Truly happy things, because we all need that right now – maybe even more than ever. So…here we go!

First up, straight up “awwwww” power. Because WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE THIS LITTLE MAN RIGHT NOW?! Dogs – animals in general – can be the best comforts around, and this little boy *knows* this.

Amidst all the talk about illness and death – it’s easy to forget that some of those who are very, very ill DO survive. Those patients mean *a lot* to the hospital workers who have helped care for them – I’m certain it’s got to be emotionally and mentally draining to have people dying left and right. So when a patient survives, and is actually well enough to be discharged? It seems a party is in order!

What needs to be said about this, other than ALL THE FEELS. This gentleman, in his suit and flip-flops, is a DAD. His daughter will remember this moment for the rest of her life – while many of us barely remember the *actual* prom, she will always have this memory. And she will NEVER doubt that she is loved.

And to close us off today, what was it Mr. Rogers said? Look for the helpers? Here’s a great story about one of those very people – a man who never went out of his way to be a helper before, but has stepped up now. Even better? He’s planning on continuing when all of this is over.

It can be hard to see the good through the ever-present cycle of bad news, but that just means we have to try a little harder. I hope that at least one of these strikes a chord with you, because we all need that little extra bounce of joy. And remember – be kind to others, but also be kind to *yourself*.

Yep, it *is* actually Friday again. I mean, I’m pretty SURE it’s Friday? We’ll just go with it, shall we? While the world continues to burn, there ARE good things happening out there. Sometimes it just takes a little more effort to find them. So without further ado…let’s get started!

First up, we have Jennifer Garner on The Daily Show – she’s begun a new initiative to raise money for kids to be able to get access to food and books – definitely a struggle for many children with schools closed. The stories are on Instagram, and there are SO MANY different people reading them!! It’s truly worth a $10 (or more) donation.

Next up is something that warms my bookish heart. It’s a livestream of a bird library, and let me tell you – if you need an escape that is soothing? This is a great option. Whoever had this neat idea is my new BFF (that’s not weird…right?).

I’m finding I’m more prone to tears at the most unexpected moments. Generally, with happy things, and if there is a song involved. Such as this one. It’s gorgeous and moving and YES THAT’S DUST IN MY EYE!

And last but definitely not least – I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it hard to take a good, deep breath these days. So much anxiety and stress, and I’m even finding it difficult to want to read (I KNOW, RIGHT?!). But here, for your viewing and listening pleasure, is a great way to tune out and BREATHE for 30 minutes. It’s a place I love, and you will too. So on that note – I wish you all a happy and healthy week. Please be kind to yourself, and to others. We need it.

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but it currently feels like March 64th to me. Like March is just going to bend space and time and COVID-19 will just always be “March”. BUT! Enough of that! Today is #FeelGoodFriday, and we’re going to focus on news stories today, because tomorrow is #NationalHugANewspersonDay. And I don’t know about you, but reporters these days are doing their best to keep us informed during one of the most trying periods in our history. So today’s stories will have a news angle of some sort, and while I don’t recommend you ACTUALLY accost a newsperson (#socialdistancing) (also: assault?), please feel free to Tweet, email, write a letter, call…whatever it is you do…to let them know their efforts are appreciated. ESPECIALLY since many are putting themselves in the line of fire (whatever the fire happens to be that day) to make sure we stay informed – and all this while news offices are cutting staff and closing up shop far too regularly. So without further ado – here are your #FeelGoodFriday moments!

For our first story, I’m 100% certain we can all relate to one degree or another. Who among us these days hasn’t accidentally turned on a filter or posted something to the wrong page or – HORRORS! – hit “Reply All” instead of just “Reply”? Well, sometimes, those mistakes take a more amusing turn than others, as this poor weatherman learned.

For this next one, we go to my favorite Silver Fox, Anderson Cooper. And because we could ALL use a laugh (or a few giggles) these days – just try not to laugh once he gets started. It really is contagious.

This next one is an honorable mention, because it’s not done by an actual reporter. However, it’s definitely a tribute to those who do it on the regular. And it’s a *heartwarming* tribute, with some sweet moments, and some funny ones too. If you haven’t seen it, do watch. It’s wonderful – and I hope he does more!

We’re going to finish off, however, with Mr. Andrew Cotter, a sports commentator for the BBC. If you haven’t seen this, you must. And if you *have*? It’s ABSOLUTELY worth another watch.

So there you have it – another #FeelGoodFriday post! I’d love to hear about anything you saw or heard lately that really either gave you the feels or made you laugh. And remember – we’re all in this together, so #StayHome and #StaySafe – and always remember to be kind. We can never know what one person may be dealing with under their curtain of calm.


Things are crazy and scary and each day often feels like at least a week, right? I can’t be the only one forgetting what day it even is at times…Which leads me to believe that #FeelGoodFriday is more important than ever. We all need to take that time and appreciate the little stuff, whether it happens to be something funny, or sweet, or a kindness done to another – the humanity in us calls out for good things. So – let’s get started!

This first item cracked me up, frankly. Particularly as someone who had a Roomba for *years*. I love to see how people are getting creative with their ideas during all of the time spent at home.

Ok – who among you grew up watching Reading Rainbow? I don’t know about you, but I idolize Levar Burton *not* from his Trekkie days, but from his Reading Rainbow days. And this entire thread of authors and people responding to help is GOLD. The cherry on top – nay, the whipped cream AND the cherry – is Neil Gaiman’s response. #BookTwitter is the BEST Twitter! (You can see the whole thread in the link below the image.)


People have had to get…creative…about stuff they’re stuck with when weddings and other big events are forced to cancel. This one was a favorite. If you click on the image, you can see the other group of pics he posted, where the many MANY chocolate Lindt bunnies are lining up – 2 x 2, natch – to set sail.

One of my absolute favorite things about this craziness is how many organizations stepped up to help kids (and parents!) keep busy, continue learning, and simply be able to find the fun. A particular favorite of mine has been to watch the daily videos the Cincinnati Zoo is doing. They’re not terribly long, they’re fun and informative, they feature different animals every day, and they always have a great activity for the kids to do at the end that revolves around that day’s animal. Honestly, *I’M* the one in the household that is finding myself glued to my computer on the daily at 12pm on the dot.

The first daily video was…Fiona!

So – now I’m curious. What things have YOU found to take joy in this week? Big, little, or somewhere in between – share your joy and pass a little of that happiness along! And remember – please Be Kind To One Another, as Ellen always says. We need it now more than at any time in a very long time. Check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly. Facetime (or whatever) your friends. Form an online reading club. And remember – we’re all in this together, and kindness is key to helping the sense of despair we may sometimes feel.


Wow. This week has been a month, hasn’t it?! I’m exhausted, honestly, from all the sheer crazy that has become our lives. Which means, to me, that finding the stuff that makes us feel good and gives us a smile is all the MORE important than before. So here are some things that made me feel good this week.

The following post is so on-brand for Americans, and I will be buying a full set of these post cards – and if a calendar was a thing? I’d get that too! You can purchase from the second link if, like me, you think these are just *awesome*.



My husband wouldn’t do this, and a lot of guys I know wouldn’t. Kudos to these dads for having not only the spirit and cajones, but the sense of humor to support their girls. ❤

It’s easy for us to peg all of a group as “bad” when – quite typically – there are a few bad apples in every bunch. I have *always* had a large respect for police, and I firmly believe that while there are systemic problems within the system, and there will always be assholes drawn to positions of power, the majority of the police mean well and do well. This is such a lovely example of that.

And finally, I’m going to end this week with a couple of reminders: As I mentioned in both my Coronavirus posts (https://stillmorewords.com/2020/03/10/the-coronavirus-ripple-effect/ and https://stillmorewords.com/2020/03/11/coronavirus-ripple-effect-pt-2-indies-debuts/), and as Chuck Wendig *also* mentions is his latest blog post (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2020/03/13/wanderers-news-when-wanderers-also-sort-of-is-the-news/), the closures happening around the world have a HUGE impact on artists of every stripe who typically depend on those events to bring in a large portion of their income. Restaurants are ALSO struggling. So – in the interest of #FeelGoodFriday – if you have the ability, support them as you can! Gift certificates for restaurants is an idea I’ve seen thrown out there. Books from indies support both the author *and* a local bookstore.

But it’s not just about buying – if you have a neighbor who is elderly or ill? Ask if they need groceries. Keep an eye on each other. Keep your space when possible, but help each other out. Look on others with love, tolerance, and patience as much as you can right now, because a lot of people are scared. And even those who are burying their heads in the sand and not admitting how bad this is likely to get? They will end up even more scared, because the truth will likely hit them hard.

As Ellen says, and it’s more important now than ever – Be Kind To One Another. Whether we like it or not – we’re all in this together.

We all could use some of that magic right about now…


It’s that time of the week again! Going into the weekend like that kid at the table who is determined to eat but suddenly finds himself waking up with spaghetti on the side of his face. No? Just me?

To get us started, I feel like we should “shake off” all the bits and bobs that have irritated us so. Be like this little girl, and her new friend, and find joy in some music.

Kindness seems, these days, to be in short supply. Particularly if you spend much time on the interwebs, there’s a lot of negativity and downright MEAN going on. Thankfully, as Mr. Rogers says, we can “look for the helpers” – and it can inspire us to not only feel better, but to be a helper ourselves.

BABY SIGHTING! And a very *special* baby, too – one that will do her part, big or small, to help continue her species until we humans can get our nonsense sorted out.


And last – but not least – this AMAZING video shot over the course of a year, of all the animals using a log bridge. Not only is it fascinating to see the diversity, but it’s also just sort of relaxing to watch.

Ok, folks – that’s it for this week. I hope you have a weekend that is relaxing and healing. And for all of you just starting your week? I hope it’s a good one. And please remember: as Ellen says, Be Kind. It costs you nothing, and it may make all the difference in the world to a struggling soul.

Be Kind…and DANCE.


Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe that February is already almost over?! It’s crazy…it really, really is. However, on the plus side – spring is *definitely* trying to make an appearance, at least where I live. Bulbs are starting to grow, flowers are beginning to make their first tentative appearances, the weather is getting incrementally better…I mean, honestly – this needs to be the first thing on the agenda for #FeelGoodFriday!


Next up – did you hear about Sabrina Ionescu? If you don’t follow sports – women’s college sports, in particular – and don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, you may not have. But this woman did something *amazing*. Record-breaking, in fact – and only hours after speaking at Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s memorial service. She became the first (and only) NCAA player – male OR female – to earn 2000 points, 1000 rebounds, and 1000 assists within a college career. It’s pretty damn impressive, and kudos to her!!


Most of us are probably pet lovers of one stripe or another. I have a dog, 2 foster dogs (https://stillmorewords.com/2020/02/13/it-starts-small-and-it-starts-with-us/), 3 cats, plus another that lives on our front porch. Seriously – he decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat, so he has a house WITH A HEATING PAD on our front porch. Some life, right?? *Anyway*…the Wisconsin Humane Society decided to do a fundraiser a few days ago, and it was SO POPULAR, they had to shut it down early. Click on the link to see why – and be prepared for some adorable (and amusing!) pictures…I’m thinking they should replicate this everywhere??

And one last little giggle, because HEY! IT’S FRIDAY! I hope you all have a *wonderful* weekend, and that you also begin to see some signs of spring. To me, it’s the season of hope, and couldn’t we all use a little of that right now?

Admit it…you giggled. Chuckled? LOL’d? YOU DID, I KNOW IT!


So…Vageode cakes are a thing? Apparently, this is from a couple of years ago and I somehow missed it. But holy hell, the comments are GOLD. And it’s not just the random Facebook people, but the owner of the shop – bless her for her humor with her replies. I’m going to post links to the original that got the whole thing started, and then to a post that also covers more of the aftermath. And, you know, if you’re ever in the market for a Vageode cake or cupcake…you know where to go!

The initial post where things went…awry
A post with multiple links to follow the whole, sordid saga 😉

I saw this and about DIED FROM THE ADORABLE. Guys, he’s 91. *And he just started!*


You may have seen this already, but I couldn’t NOT include it. These days especially, it often feels like kindness and compassion are getting harder and harder to see in the world around us. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a few tears…


And to really go out with a dose of adorable, wait for the end. This is representative of mothers *everywhere*.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And remember – as Ellen says, Be Kind. You never know what someone may be going through, and something as simple as a smile can do wonders. ❤


This is a company that is local to me, and their products are AMAZING. Seriously. But even better – their social ethics are wonderful. ❤ (Website to find out more and to order: https://grounduppdx.com/)

AND they have a COOKBOOK!


Pre-Order now to benefit Australian Wildlife!

A new funko is being released, with proceeds going towards helping Australian wildlife that have been impacted by the terrible fires. I’ve ordered mine (remember the exchange rate – you’re not paying as much as you think you are), and you can get one too! They’re at pre-order stage right now, but if you don’t want to order, you can simply donate to the RSPCA. The article below has links to both purchase (click on the ‘Bushfire Heroes’ link at the top) and to donate (link at the bottom of the article).

In the slightly strange-but-true category, and fitting with my post yesterday about dogs (https://stillmorewords.com/?p=199), Spotify has announced that they’re releasing playlists for dogs that are home alone. No word on a cat version yet, though likely, they would be irritated with *anything* that played.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least – Big Green Bookshop had a “Buy A Stranger A Book” day, and it was a huge success. As a bookseller, and a lover of books, this is such an awesome thing. Heart-warming that so many people stepped up and bought books for strangers!


It’s been a year this week, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted – and I’m getting ready to head home for the funeral of my Grandma Rose (https://stillmorewords.com/2020/01/27/grandma-rose/). That will be emotionally draining, for so many different reasons. So, for the foreseeable future, I’m designating Friday as #FeelGoodFriday to give us all something happy. Mental breaks are healthy, and giggling like a fool or making heart-eyes at the screen isn’t terrible either. 😉

First up – this friendship is straight out of Disney. Except that it’s apparently fairly common. That little dance is absolutely saying, “Hurry up, fren! We gots things to do!”.

Anyone yelling that kids these days are terrible is probably old and cranky, and hasn’t met these kids. *Tear-jerker alert*

And this guy, well…he’s stolen my heart. I thought it was the sweetest thing when he made the “snow” angel after the Superbowl, but this – this tops that in SPADES. You, sir, have permission to sing the Toy Story “Friend In Me” theme song FOREVER.


So, there are 3 fabulous stories meant to make you smile. It can be hard sometimes, but do try to find the positive in life when you can. And the harder it seems, the more important it is to do. And that makes me wonder – what made YOU smile this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Have a great weekend, and as Ellen says – Be Kind To One Another. Because right now, it’s more important than ever. ❤