Wow. This week has been a month, hasn’t it?! I’m exhausted, honestly, from all the sheer crazy that has become our lives. Which means, to me, that finding the stuff that makes us feel good and gives us a smile is all the MORE important than before. So here are some things that made me feel good this week.

The following post is so on-brand for Americans, and I will be buying a full set of these post cards – and if a calendar was a thing? I’d get that too! You can purchase from the second link if, like me, you think these are just *awesome*.



My husband wouldn’t do this, and a lot of guys I know wouldn’t. Kudos to these dads for having not only the spirit and cajones, but the sense of humor to support their girls. ā¤

It’s easy for us to peg all of a group as “bad” when – quite typically – there are a few bad apples in every bunch. I have *always* had a large respect for police, and I firmly believe that while there are systemic problems within the system, and there will always be assholes drawn to positions of power, the majority of the police mean well and do well. This is such a lovely example of that.

And finally, I’m going to end this week with a couple of reminders: As I mentioned in both my Coronavirus posts (https://stillmorewords.com/2020/03/10/the-coronavirus-ripple-effect/ and https://stillmorewords.com/2020/03/11/coronavirus-ripple-effect-pt-2-indies-debuts/), and as Chuck Wendig *also* mentions is his latest blog post (http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2020/03/13/wanderers-news-when-wanderers-also-sort-of-is-the-news/), the closures happening around the world have a HUGE impact on artists of every stripe who typically depend on those events to bring in a large portion of their income. Restaurants are ALSO struggling. So – in the interest of #FeelGoodFriday – if you have the ability, support them as you can! Gift certificates for restaurants is an idea I’ve seen thrown out there. Books from indies support both the author *and* a local bookstore.

But it’s not just about buying – if you have a neighbor who is elderly or ill? Ask if they need groceries. Keep an eye on each other. Keep your space when possible, but help each other out. Look on others with love, tolerance, and patience as much as you can right now, because a lot of people are scared. And even those who are burying their heads in the sand and not admitting how bad this is likely to get? They will end up even more scared, because the truth will likely hit them hard.

As Ellen says, and it’s more important now than ever – Be Kind To One Another. Whether we like it or not – we’re all in this together.

We all could use some of that magic right about now…

Author: stillmorewords

Small-town girl, living in a big city. Former Coastie, married with 2 kids. Inveterate reader of all genres, though non-fiction and YA currently rule. Former indie bookstore employee, small business owner, tea drinker.

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