Another week in paradise, right? And by paradise, I mean weird snows in April, desperate people cutting their own hair (or, in my case, cutting my daughter’s), and finding SOMETHING to cook for the 13,000th meal in quarantine. So, that brings us to our weekly update of *actual* good things – stories that make us smile, or laugh, or giggle, or maybe even tear up a little bit. Truly happy things, because we all need that right now – maybe even more than ever. So…here we go!

First up, straight up “awwwww” power. Because WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE THIS LITTLE MAN RIGHT NOW?! Dogs – animals in general – can be the best comforts around, and this little boy *knows* this.

Amidst all the talk about illness and death – it’s easy to forget that some of those who are very, very ill DO survive. Those patients mean *a lot* to the hospital workers who have helped care for them – I’m certain it’s got to be emotionally and mentally draining to have people dying left and right. So when a patient survives, and is actually well enough to be discharged? It seems a party is in order!

What needs to be said about this, other than ALL THE FEELS. This gentleman, in his suit and flip-flops, is a DAD. His daughter will remember this moment for the rest of her life – while many of us barely remember the *actual* prom, she will always have this memory. And she will NEVER doubt that she is loved.

And to close us off today, what was it Mr. Rogers said? Look for the helpers? Here’s a great story about one of those very people – a man who never went out of his way to be a helper before, but has stepped up now. Even better? He’s planning on continuing when all of this is over.

It can be hard to see the good through the ever-present cycle of bad news, but that just means we have to try a little harder. I hope that at least one of these strikes a chord with you, because we all need that little extra bounce of joy. And remember – be kind to others, but also be kind to *yourself*.


It’s that time of the week again! Going into the weekend like that kid at the table who is determined to eat but suddenly finds himself waking up with spaghetti on the side of his face. No? Just me?

To get us started, I feel like we should “shake off” all the bits and bobs that have irritated us so. Be like this little girl, and her new friend, and find joy in some music.

Kindness seems, these days, to be in short supply. Particularly if you spend much time on the interwebs, there’s a lot of negativity and downright MEAN going on. Thankfully, as Mr. Rogers says, we can “look for the helpers” – and it can inspire us to not only feel better, but to be a helper ourselves.

BABY SIGHTING! And a very *special* baby, too – one that will do her part, big or small, to help continue her species until we humans can get our nonsense sorted out.


And last – but not least – this AMAZING video shot over the course of a year, of all the animals using a log bridge. Not only is it fascinating to see the diversity, but it’s also just sort of relaxing to watch.

Ok, folks – that’s it for this week. I hope you have a weekend that is relaxing and healing. And for all of you just starting your week? I hope it’s a good one. And please remember: as Ellen says, Be Kind. It costs you nothing, and it may make all the difference in the world to a struggling soul.

Be Kind…and DANCE.