Joyful Interlude

Well, then. It’s been a cheery week thus far, hasn’t it? Seriously, the post on grieving was written before my grandmother passed, and before Kobe Bryant passed. But it sort of seemed to fit right in, and they were all important topics – at least to me – so…here we are! With all of that, and with the dumpster fire that is our current administration and the impeachment, I thought I would take this Friday to highlight some…shall we say, lighter topics? Things that have brought me some measure of joy and/or laughter during the chaos? I hope that you find they are able to do the same for you!

Best. Author. Interview. EVER.

This went sorta viral, and for all the right (and left) reasons. 😉

This thread is historical AND hysterical…
You really have to read this thread, because CRAZY. Also, yes – it’s possible I spend too much time on Twitter.

Anyway, there are a few things to make you smile. A palate-cleanser, if you will. And I’d love to know of other fun and/or interesting things YOU saw on the interwebs this week!