Relationship Issues

Guys. I have a problem. And in terms of reading, it’s sort of a big one. But I’m putting it out there, because I can’t *possibly* be the only one who does this. Are you ready?



I…rarely finish trilogies. Some of my favorites have gone without end for years. The Illuminae trilogy? Still going. Red Rising (though it’s grown)? Unread. Nevernight? Nevernope. And the list could go on. Even worse? IT’S NOT A CONSCIOUS CHOICE. I *have* the third book for every. single. trilogy. They were purchased with the full intent of reading them immediately. And yet…they sit, unread, TAUNTING ME.

I’ve thought a lot about why this may be, and as much as I’d like to say I have an actual answer – I don’t. I *do* have a guess, though. I do wonder if, in some distant part of my heart, I just don’t want the story to end. We all have those things, right? Where we think that if we just ignore it, we will never have to face it – whether it’s paying a bill, dealing with a child who keeps asking over and over again, or ending a relationship. And that’s what these trilogies are, right? Relationships.

Any time a reader devotes time and energy to the characters in a story, there is a relationship built. Between the author and the reader is where the first relationship is built – trusting that the book will be just what was hoped for. From there, the reader builds further relationships with the characters (one hopes) as they have their adventures, solve their problems, kill their bad guys, or whatever the case may be. In a trilogy (even a duology), those relationships are extended, and the characters are expanded, and eventually – for so many readers – it’s hard to say goodbye when it’s over.

So, that’s my thought. I apparently have relationship issues, and struggle to understand when they’re over. Instead, I look longingly at those third books, swear that I will get to them “as soon as this book is done”, and then when the time comes, I just…don’t. I move on to something else, someONE else, and feel guilt over my neglect. But now that I know, I will *absolutely* begin working on those endings. Just as soon as I’m done with the one I’m reading now.

Choosing a blog title

That is HARD WORK, people. Seriously. I have to wonder how many people get all excited about setting up a blog, and then hit that “title” stumbling block? Because here’s the thing – there are simultaneously endless options, and yet not enough. Is it already taken? Does it make sense? Will people be able to remember it (if you get to that point)? What will you be writing about? IT’S A LOT.

I started out thinking, well, I’ll have book stuff on there. But not just books. Probably some politics because…have you seen the world today? And maybe a smidge about my small business. But not too much, so it can’t be centered around that. So maybe it’ll be more like a coffee klatch. But I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. This is pretty much a stream of consciousness idea of how the process went. And in between, I was coming up with ideas and then discarding them – either because they didn’t make sense, wouldn’t work in the long-term, were already taken, or would be difficult for people for one reason or another.

An example of this is perfectly illustrated by one of my favorite ideas: Tea and Craic. Craic being Irish for news, fun, and entertainment. Excellent, I thought! I’ve done it! It makes sense, it will encompass a little bit of everything with no problems, it’s something that is suitably vague, yet also weirdly specific…I’M IN. I checked, and it was available. BELLS WERE RINGING. And then. I thought a little bit more about it. Craic is pronounced “crack”, and well…that’s sorta weird for people who won’t know. And how many people are going to type tea and criac, or tea and crac, or tea and craik…the options for getting it *wrong* were virtually endless. So, sadly, out the door out went.

On and on this process went, finding ideas and discarding them for a variety of reasons. Single word titles? Taken. Bookish titles? Too specific. Tea? Nothing worked well. Finally, I hit on Still More Words. It works for everything, makes sense – AND IT WASN’T TAKEN. There may have been a short dancing celebration, but I will neither confirm nor deny.

And, well, here we are. A new blog, with a title that works for me and makes sense for the (anticipated) contents. So for any of you reading this and thinking “I could do that!”? You absolutely can – just sit down with a drink of choice, plenty of time, and some music in the background (Men at Work is good). Prepare for it to take some time, and no matter how frustrating it gets, don’t cave until you find something that really feels right. And then feel free to do your happy dance when that accomplishment is finally complete.

The Journey Begins…

I’ve always enjoyed writing, in all its forms. I was that annoying kid in high school that always had the excellent papers in every. single. class. I was the weird child that used to write “reports” FOR FUN. AT HOME. Yep – that was me. But somehow, over the years, writing for me has ceased to be something that happened very often. I graduated high school, joined the Coast Guard – did a lot of writing there, because I had to do logs and case reports. But…it wasn’t the same. And as the internet and cell phones and all that stuff became more ubiquitous (Yes, I’m also that person who sometimes uses big words. Drives my husband nuts.), writing sort of…stopped. Everything is typed, or texted, or insta’d. And I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I saw this blog post, by the excellent Chuck Wendig.

Now, mind you. I don’t view myself as a writer in the sense that he was talking about. I’m not an author, and not likely to ever be one. I can write the hell out of something, for sure. But the other important piece is the idea…and I suck at that. However, I *am* a writer in that I’ve always enjoyed taking a thought and writing it out and making it make SENSE. To myself, or to someone else. So when I read his blog post (and if you don’t follow him, you really should – it’s always interesting, typically entertaining, and *never* dull), it struck a chord. It reminded me that writing for writing’s sake is also ok. That it’s something I enjoy, and should really try to make time for. And so…here we are.

I don’t know exactly what this process will entail. I’m pretty sure it will be pretty random. Definitely book reviews – that’s a given. Probably some bits on different teas, more than likely some politics (my Twitter account is the weirdest mix of books, politics, and just random stuff.), and maybe even some bits about my struggle to learn how to eat intuitively. Not something I’ve ever been good at, but something I’m working on. What I *do* know is that it will be written more for me than any audience. Honestly, I would be flattering myself if I thought there would actually ever BE an audience. People tend to like to have an idea what they’re getting when they sign up for a blog – and for at least the first while, that won’t be happening here.

Having said all of that – if you’re still here – welcome! I look forward to hearing from you if you’re so inclined. I hope you find something of interest to you as I get this party started (Pink. Love her. Might have musically bits every so often as well.). I do have a couple of requests, however:

  1. Please be respectful of everyone. That includes me. You may not like what I have to say, and that is perfectly ok. But I won’t tolerate trolling or hatred or rudeness. Life is too short for all that. Respectful discourse is perfectly fine, but remember – if I want to see hate, I can just visit my Twitter account.
  2. If you fail to abide by Rule #1 – you may be blocked from commenting in the future. I *will* exercise my ability to remove comments as well.
  3. When I taught, my students struggled with too many rules. So I prefer to follow the KISS rule. However, these are always up for change as needed. But I believe that most people are capable of reasonable, rational thought (current emerging national cult notwithstanding).

Now that THAT’S out of the way – Welcome. And here we go!